The benefits of enjoying a self-catering holiday in the UK

  • By Walwick Hall
  • July 14, 2022
  • Chesters Stables

Holidays are your chance to get away from it all and truly unwind, to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones in a relaxing and fulfilling environment.

While escaping the stresses of everyday life, it’s also worthwhile avoiding the strains of overseas travel and, with airport queues, stop-overs and potentially cancelled flights causing more tension, it’s clear why more people are holidaying on British shores than ever before.

A home from home, in the shape of luxury self-catering accommodation, can provide you with stress-free experiences that allow you to indulge yourself on your own terms and create long-lasting memories, as well as a whole range of other advantages.


When on a self-catering holiday, your time is completely your own. Whether you relax by exploring the surrounding area, enjoying outdoor activities or simply reclining and losing yourself with spellbinding countryside as a backdrop, you really are in control. 

Your stay in a self-catering suite also provides you with the freedom to eat when and where you want, with no restrictions to set meal times or options. When staying at Chesters Stables, Walwick Hall Hotel’s boutique self-catering suites, award-winning chefs can prepare a range of sensational dishes that are then delivered directly to your accommodation with our in-suite dining service so you don’t even have to use the modern kitchen space if you don’t feel like cooking on your holiday.

If cooking is how you relax the most, however, you can order your groceries to be delivered to your suite and unpacked before you even arrive, meaning you can start creating your favourite dishes as and when it suits you.


A self-catering suite really is a home from home, with the space to match. Much larger than a hotel room, our Chesters Stables suites were designed with open plan living in mind and, as they sleep from two guests to eight, there is no shortage of space to indulge yourselves in. 

Expansive, yet welcoming, with no compromise on luxury, comfort and style, the best self-catering accommodation allows you to reconnect with your loved ones in intimate settings while giving them the space to stretch out and relax in their own individual ways. 

Peace, Quiet and Privacy

While many hotels provide privacy, few successfully manage to give their guests the uninterrupted peace they would receive in a luxurious self-catering suite.

If you are on a romantic break, a family holiday or anything in between, you need calm and privacy to feel fully relaxed, whether you are waking up, organising your day, sitting down for a meal together or winding down for the night.  

A world away from the norm, Chesters Stables is your own personal paradise from the second the front door is closed. Our suites allow you to experience privacy on a truly harmonious level, as they rest amid the beautiful Northumberland countryside, with only tranquil birdsong to be heard.

The whole family can come along

As our self-catering suites are so spacious, they are perfect for large families or groups to spend time together and reconnect with each other in a luxurious location.

At Chesters Stables, pairs, as well as groups of four, six and eight can stay and, as we know it’s not a holiday without everyone’s most trusted companion. That’s why The Stalls, The Carriage House, The Stallion and The Foal are all dog-friendly, meaning the family dog can come and enjoy a little luxury with you. It also helps avoid the stress and heartache of leaving them somewhere while you’re on holiday.

With the rolling hills of Northumberland just on the doorstep, your four-legged friends can discover a new area to explore at leisure and take part in your unique getaway.

Find a whole new place to fall in love with

With so much self-catering accommodation to choose from, deciding which one to holiday in can be difficult, so when your own private hideaway is nestled in the heart of majestic Northumberland, with all the luxuries of a boutique hotel, including an intimate spa and the finest culinary delights for you to indulge yourself in, it’s hard to see why you’d escape to anywhere else. 

Historical sites and quaint market towns, not to mention stunning landscapes that will take your breath away and live long in your memory are all yours when you stay at Chesters Stables, our self-catering suites that provide tranquillity and adventure in equal measure.

Book your relaxing stay at Chesters Stables here.

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