What to do and where to visit in Northumberland this summer

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  • May 24, 2021
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A land of beautiful beaches, big adventures, untouched countryside and quaint local market towns, Northumberland is a place waiting to be discovered, walked-on, and adored. Close to the hustle and bustle of vibrant Newcastle Upon Tyne, this unique county encourages exploration and escapism – leaving its visitors feeling invigorated and eager to return.

There are a million reasons to visit this spectacular region and endless possibilities of things to do in Northumberland this summer. Whether you’re a lover of the natural world looking to entertain your family, an intrigued historian visiting with friends, or you’re simply looking to spend a unique experience in a romantic location with a loved one, with both beauty and adventure on your doorstep, Northumberland is the place to be this summer.

To help you plan your special UK holiday with us, we’ve compiled a list of just some of the many things there are to see and do in the county that should remain at the top of your itinerary ahead of your stay at Chesters Stables or Walwick Hall.

Beautiful coastlines

Nothing says summer quite like the beach and nowhere does beaches better than Northumberland. Think long stretches of sand, high dunes, offshore islands, and quiet beaches in peaceful rural locations, all spread out across Northumberland’s 70-mile long coastline. Interrupted only by quaint fishing towns and magnificent castles, there are a number of beautiful beaches to explore – and, with the prospect of foreign holidays this year looking bleak, there’s no better excuse to visit this breathtaking coastline, than right now.

Explore Holy Island and the Farne Islands for a remote day trip, become blown away by beauty at Bamburgh and Dunstanburgh, or, for the water-sport enthusiast, visit Tynemouth and Whitley Bay for a busier, city-life feel.

Impressive castles

Northumberland’s uniqueness is so much more than just its coastline and countryside. Proudly boasting the highest concentration of castles of any other region in the UK, Northumberland is bursting with magnificent fortresses longing to be looked at and impress.

For a fun family trip, visit the famous Harry Potter film location, Alnwick Castle, set just an hour’s drive away from Walwick by car, journey to Lindisfarne during low tide to explore its beautiful 16th-century fortress located just an hour and a half away by car, or travel 50 miles away to discover Britain’s most haunted historic castle during a trip to the medieval Chillingham Castle.

Fantastic walks

Rich in its landscape and offering, Northumberland impresses with waterfalls, glacial valleys, buxom hills and vast greenery, perfect for walking. Totally undisturbed and exceptionally beautiful, Northumberland invites all types of visitors to explore its breathtaking terrain by foot, and venture into its welcoming wilderness.

For the group of avid adventurers keen to spend time walking alone, look no further than the Cheviot Hills and Kielder. Located a mere 40 minute drive away from us and merging together on the western edge of the county, this area’s remote location benefits from a hilly terrain, impressive beautiful moorland, large reservoir, magical woodland and more – making it well-suited to wildlife watchers, families, mountain bikers and water-sport enthusiasts.

Animal adventures

A wildlife haven, during your visit to the region, you’re sure to be impressed by creatures both big and small who call Northumberland home – from dolphins and wild goats, to puffins and seals.

In easy reach of mainland Northumberland, just off the coast sits the Farne Islands. Well known for their wildlife, there are around 23 different varieties of birds who inhabit the islands and can be regularly spotted by those visiting by boat – including colourful puffins from March to October each year. Declared by broadcaster, David Attenborough, as his favourite place in the UK to see nature at its best, this is a place not to be missed during your Northumberland holiday at Chesters Stables.

Areas of historical importance

Northumberland is nothing if not bursting with history. Unsurprisingly, the region’s most celebrated attraction remains to be the world-famous Hadrian’s Wall. An incredible mark of the Roman Empire’s imprint on the region, Chesters Stables is fortunate enough to be located on the wall itself and is therefore ideally suited to those in search of history and looking for a fun anecdote to share with friends following your travels.

In addition to Hadrian’s Wall and the adjoining Chesters Roman Fort (built in 123 AD), there are many other historical places of interest in Northumberland ready to be explored – from Durham Cathedral and Hexham Abbey, to Belsay Hall and St Oswalds Church.

Look up at the sky

Sometimes, all you need to do to feel as though you’re on holiday, is look up. Whether it’s to stare in awe as bright pink sunsets light up the sky during a leisurely afternoon stroll on the beach, or to start your morning at the crack of dawn as waves of red and orange flood the sky above, it’s not uncommon to be found staring up at the sky during a holiday in Northumberland.

Because of it’s largely unspoilt, rural landscape, Northumberland is proud to be officially recognised as home to some of the darkest skies in England – making it a stargazer’s dream destination. Whether you choose to stargaze nearby our luxury accommodation at Cawfields on Hadrian’s Wall, or watch Harbottle Castle become illuminated by spectacles of dancing starlight, there are plenty of opportunities for you to fall in love with the evening night during your stay.

Local towns

Because of its deep-rooted Roman history, many of the local towns and villages in Northumberland can be traced back to the 12th century – making them a beautiful sight to both see and experience. Littered with quirky bookshops, traditional tea rooms, wonderful art galleries and incredible pub lunches, you’ll find typical Northumbrian charm, laughter and hospitality everywhere you go.

Close to Chesters Stables and Walwick Hall sits the beautiful market town of Hexham. Spend your day soaking in the stunning architecture, strolling through picturesque parks, immersing yourself in poignant history and more before returning to your luxury accommodation on the wall, back at Chesters Stables.

With so many incredible places to visit and things to do in Northumberland, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be at the top of your list of holiday destinations this summer and beyond. To help you relax into the comfort of your Northumberland adventure, book your summer stay experience with us, and be perfectly placed to enjoy all this mesmerising county has to offer.

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