School Holiday Activities: Recreating the Walwick Experience at Home

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  • April 08, 2021
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While the prospect of normality sits on the horizon, this school holiday continues to be much like many over the last 12 months – spent during a national lockdown that restricts some of the things we might usually like to do with our children. Fortunately, there are still plenty of things to do with kids both in Northumberland and at home to keep them entertained during the holidays.

So, although there won’t be any Afternoon Tea Treats on our Terrace or moments of relaxation by the pool as part of your family break at Walwick Hall this school break, wherever you are in the world, we’ll help those of you running out of things to do with your kids by suggesting five fresh activity ideas, below.

Create your own staycation

As we look forward to Chesters Stables reopening on the 12th of April, for those of you unable to join us, why not look to recreate the staycation experience for your children at home?

Build a makeshift ‘suite’ in your living room using a tent or some bed sheets propped up to create a hideout, and fill it with blankets and cushions to make their staycation experience extra cosy and inviting. Complete with a hamper filled with games and snacks to help keep them entertained, their special one-night stay away from the bedroom is sure to be an activity they remember.

Join a National Trust activity trail

For those of you lucky enough to live local to Northumberland, the National Trust is inviting families to join them for an expedition into nature as part of their adventure trails. From Cragside to Seaton Delaval Hall, many of the North East-based outdoor activities run until Sunday the 18th of April and will give your kids something fun to do in the great outdoors of Northumberland.

If you live a little further afield, there’s no reason why you can’t recreate your own trail at home in your local park or, on a colder day, sit down and keep them busy with a downloadable arts and crafts activity pack from the National Trust.

Get baking, but with a twist

Until you can join us at Walwick Hall for one of our famous Afternoon Teas, there’s no stopping you getting the kids involved and recreating your own at home. Using our Children’s Dine at Home Afternoon Tea Menu as inspiration, spend a morning baking easy, child-friendly treats – from chocolate brownies and fruit scones to finger sandwiches, to be enjoyed in the afternoon.

Coupled with a homemade mocktail especially created for and made by your children, this ‘grown-up’ activity will introduce a day of luxury into your holiday schedule until you can return for the real thing with us.

Rediscover Northumberland beauty spots

Boasting some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, Northumberland is rich with historic castles, magical waterfalls, and vast stretches of stunning coastline. While many of these beauty spots are widely recognised and frequently visited, there are many lesser known areas that are worth taking your children to discover.

From the enchanting Hindhope Linn waterfall and rocky beach cover of Rumbling Kern, to the 3000-year-old Ros Castle and mysterious St. Cuthbert’s Cave, there is a large variety of different walks and hidden wonders worth exploring in Northumberland with your children this school holiday.

Spa at home

Set to reopen on the 17th of May, there’s still a few weeks to go until you can once again relax in the comfort of our luxurious Spa at Walwick Hall. In the meantime – and as a slightly less-active means of keeping your kids entertained – look to host a DIY spa day for you and your kids in the comfort of your own home on a wet and windy day.

Make child-friendly, homemade face masks, let the girls choose a new nail varnish colour, put on some relaxing music, and settle down on your beach towel coated spa bed. A fun yet relaxing holiday activity that requires little preparation but results in a lot of fun, recreating our Spa at home will only help you look forward to the real thing come May.

Keeping your children entertained can be a difficult task, particularly when indoor activity options are limited. No matter where you and your family are spending the school holidays, we hope these fresh ideas will help you keep them busy both during this time and at the weekends, until we can welcome you back for an exciting staycation at Chesters Stables or Walwick Hall once again.

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