Our favourite picnic spots along Hadrian’s Wall

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  • July 18, 2019
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Next time you stay with us, why not head outdoors with one of our luxury homemade picnics and discover a range of historic sites along the length of the Hadrian’s Wall? Each of these picture-perfect spots along the Wall are within easy access of our front doors and are perfect for those looking to explore the very best of Northumberland’s heritage this summer.

Chesters Roman Fort
Built just after Hadrian’s Wall was completed in AD 123, Chesters Roman Fort is the most complete Roman cavalry fort in Britain and is located just a short walk down the road from our front doors. Before you break out your picnic blanket by the nearby North Tyne river, wander around the unusually well-preserved baths, steam room and officers’ quarters and discover their amazing collection of Roman objects and inscriptions in the museum that were found at the fort and along Hadrian’s Wall.

Cawfields Roman Wall and Milecastle, Haltwhistle
Another main stopping point for visitors to Hadrian’s Wall is Cawfields. Positioned on a steep slope, this is a dramatic section of the Wall with land falling away in sheer crags to the north. The milecastle, most likely built by the Second Legion, hangs on the edge. With a large pond teaming with wildlife, there’s plenty of great spots to enjoy a picnic.

Housesteads Roman Fort, Haydon Bridge
High up on a dramatic escarpment, Housesteads offers a fantastic picnic spot with incredible 360 degree view of Hadrian’s Wall Country and a dramatic stretch of the Wall. Head up to the fort to enjoy a picnic with panoramic views before wandering the barrack blocks and hospital. You can also pay a visit to the interactive museum on-site which displays objects once belonging to Roman soldiers.

Vindolanda, Bardon Mill
Formerly a key military post on the northern frontier of Britain, Vindolanda lies just south of the Hadrian’s Wall and offers a very unique feel compared to other sites along the Wall. Vindolanda is the home of Britain’s ‘Top Treasure’ – the Vindolanda Writing Tablets – and is one of Europe’s most important Roman archaeological sites, with live excavations taking place every year. With a tranquil stream and the backdrop of a replica temple, Vindolanda’s gardens makes a truly beautiful picnic spot for visitors.

Corbridge Roman Town
Not all the sites on Hadrian’s Wall were heavily guarded fortresses. Corbridge was the most northerly town in the Roman Empire and one of only two on Hadrian’s Wall (along with Carlisle), where the Romans and civilians would come to pick up food and provisions. Today, you can still walk through the town’s streets to experience a true time-capsule of Roman life and view a number of objects found during excavations, including Roman armour and trinkets. The site offers a large picnic area with benches for visitors to relax on.

After a day of exploring the magnificent history of Hadrian’s Wall, return to our hotel to relax in our tranquil pavilion Spa, luxury Bar and, if the sun’s still shining, out on our beautiful terrace, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding Tyne Valley. You can book your next visit here.

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