How to Eat Seasonally and Locally this Winter

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  • January 09, 2020
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As the weather and seasons changes, so does the produce that grows. But while many assume that the best fruit and vegetables grow during spring or summer, there’s actually plenty of delicious fruit and vegetables in their prime through the winter months.

Eating seasonally is a great way to discover new flavours but it’s also ideal for keeping your diet varied and your body healthy. According to research, the nutrient content in foods changes depending on which seasons they grow in. In fact, nature produces foods that contains the exact level of nutrients that your body requires for this specific time of year – so if you’ve ever noticed that during the winter months you tend to feel naturally more drawn towards rich or warm foods, it’s no coincidence!

So, what should we be looking out for on menus at this time of year? Roots such as potatoes, parsnips, artichokes, radishes and swedes are particularly abundant in January, just in time for hearty dishes such as soups, pies and pot roasts. For a real winter warmer, why not try our Roast Highland Venison Haunch? Served with carefully selected seasonal sides including chicory, rioja-braised salsify, red cabbage, confit potato and red wine jus, this comforting dish is perfect for an indulgent January treat.

For a lighter option, our Pan Seared Fillet of Halibut uses roasted in-season artichokes to bring maximum freshness and flavour to your plate. Or fancy trying something a little different? Our flavour-packed Salt Baked Parsnip (V) main course has already proved to be a firm favourite with guests looking to reap the benefits of seasonal eating.

With game season still here, now’s also a great time to opt for our indulgent Pot Roast Breast of Pheasant, which is enjoyed with seasonal braised carrots, dumplings and bacon. Winter also brings the opportunity to enjoy leeks at their very best so if you’re joining us for lunch this month then be sure to give our hearty Chicken and Leek Pie a try.

We also use seasonal fruits to prepare our selection of decadent desserts, each created to satisfy your sweet tooth this winter. Finish off your dinner with our Creme Caramel served with seasonal poached winter fruits and calvados syrup. As apples are also plentiful at this time of year, our Baked Pressed Apple is a particularly popular choice, and is served with warm blackberry custard, almond crumble and caramel ice cream to deliver a host of different textures and indulgent flavours.

For the freshest seasonal food possible, sourcing locally is always the best option – the more local it is, the less time it has spent being transported and the more nutrients and vitamins it’s likely to have retained. With our kitchen garden on our restaurant’s doorstep, we can guarantee maximum freshness and flavour in all of our dishes. And by cutting out transportation we’re also cutting out energy to reduce our carbon footprint and help the environment too.

We refresh our menus every two months to make the most of the best in-season foods available at that time. To view our latest seasonal dishes, view our menus on our website:

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