5 Things to do During a Self-Catered Staycation in Northumberland

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  • February 19, 2021
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As the air begins to be filled with the sounds of birdsong, we can finally start to look forward to the longer days and warmer nights synonymous with spring and summer. While the prospect of exotic holidays visiting foreign countries looks a little different this year, fortunately, there are plenty of wonderful places to visit and many incredible things to do right here in the UK.

One of those places is somewhere we’re lucky enough to call home, right here in the heart of Northumberland. With an abundance of stunning scenery, delicious food, fun activities, and remarkable history right on our doorstep, in this article we’ll help you plan your UK staycation with a number of ideas of what you can do as part of your self-catered holiday in glorious Northumberland this year.

Treat yourself to a Spa trip

There’s arguably nothing more luxurious than slipping on a robe, surrounding yourself with relaxing music and the rich aroma of essential oils, and being treated to a relaxing massage. Particularly after a year where Spa trips and treatments were hard to come by, finally being able to soak away your stresses in a peaceful environment will give a new meaning to the word ‘holiday’.

For self-catered guests at Chesters Stables, you’re able to take full advantage of Walwick Hall’s Spa facilities – what’s more, unlike a Spa visit during the working week, a Spa experience during your staycation will stay with you throughout your trip, instilling a sense of calm for the duration of your Northumberland escape.

Embrace the explorer within you

One of the main attractions of booking a self-catered staycation in Northumberland (aside from the obvious opportunity to relax in a beautiful suite), is the breathtaking scenery that makes up this stunning county.

During your stay, therefore, you can choose to unleash your inner explorer; waking up as the sun rises, making yourself a flask of coffee in your private kitchen, before embarking on an early morning walk along Hadrian’s Wall located a few footsteps away and making it back in time for a lazy brunch in your converted stable suite or at a cafe in one of the local towns surrounding Chesters Stables. The ideal place to discover new sights and fall in love with adventure, a stay at Chesters Stables will allow you to come and go at your leisure to explore nearby beauty spots, before you kick off your walking boots for an evening on the sofa.

Discover historical treasures

A common activity for many on their holidays, discovering the history of the place you’re staying in can make your trip even more magical – and what better place to soak up history than in an old, converted Stables located next to a UNESCO World Heritage site?

Transport yourself to a period of time 2000 years ago to one of the Roman Empire’s most northern outposts. Situated just a short walk from Chesters Stables, you’ll find the most complete Roman cavalry fort in Britain – Chesters Roman Fort. Pick up a history book from a local bookshop in a nearby Northumberland village and, after flicking through its pages over a refreshing drink on The Terrace, wander around the incredibly well-preserved site on a warm afternoon.

Enjoy fine food and drink

One of the things we most look forward to when planning for a holiday is the opportunity to indulge in fantastic food – and during a stay at Chesters Stables, this is no exception.

Our produce is fresh, our ingredients local, our menu exciting, and our dishes exceptional. Whether you decide to opt for intimacy and indulge in our in-suite Dining experience, or you prefer to wander up to Walwick Hall to enjoy a wonderful dish in a different setting, or even venture further afield to some of the many fantastic restaurants on our doorstep, you’ll be guaranteed a delicious meal prepared by professional chefs that leave your taste buds wanting more. Followed by a glass of fizz on The Terrace or a rich red wine in your suite, Chesters Stables will fill your appetite for both food and life!

Spend quality time with those you love

After a difficult year spent apart from loved ones, a blissful staycation in a beautiful setting is exactly what we all need and deserve this spring and summer. Whether you’re meeting up with family members you haven’t seen in a while** or decide that you and those you live with (including your furry friend) simply deserve a change of scenery, a self-catered staycation with us is the perfect tonic.

Bring board games, picnic blankets, binoculars and switch off your mobile phone. Take an early morning Breakfast picnic, play card games at lunch, star gaze in the evening and then settle down to a film available on your smart TV in your Stable suite.

Spend your spring and summer staycation blissfully, and book your stay at Chesters Stables, today.


**If allowed by COVID-19 guidelines at the time of stay

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